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Damien Morton < fork at bitfurnace.com > on > Mon Jun 12 11:57:37 PDT 2006

Oh yeah. and... "Taming of the Shrew": with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.


Love this review of it :
What a hash. You should know that Shakespeare wrote comedies set in 
Italy because Italians were seen as comical. The way they elaborated 
language apart from meaning. The way they dressed where the decor had 
nothing to do with the purpose, so far outstripping it that by 
Elizabethan conventions just seeing an Italian in dress would elicit 
guffaws. Shakespeare's plays were essentially without sets, so some of 
the language would be designed to have the audience imagine a humorous 
excess of surrounding.

Now along comes an Italian to reshape the plays. And he brings the very 
excess that is the whole tenor of the joke. And along comes an actor 
that -- quite independent of that -- wants to turn what is a tussle of 
words into a tussle of emotions. This is also an Italian flaw that 
Elizabethans would have laughed at.

> At 04:23 +0000  on  6/10/06, Corinna wrote:
>> On a slightly related note, I have a hard
>> time seeing value in Shakespeare and
>> most poetry (Shel silverstein is pretty
>> good, though, as is Edward Lear :D )
> Personally, I think  Shakespeare can only  really be appreciated (and 
> understood) when preformed.  He WASN'T writing high literature- he was a 
> popular playwright  writing  for the "common" audience.  Check out the 
> movie version of "Much Ado About Nothing".  Completely hilarious and a 
> joy to watch.  Of course, live is even better.  Any of his comedies are 
> much more accessible and enjoyable, IMHO.

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