[FoRK] Writing styles and Cherryh

Joe Barrera < joe at barrera.org > on > Mon Jun 12 22:48:01 PDT 2006

Ken Meltsner wrote:

> Also recommended are Heavy Time, Finity's End, and (less popular) her
> fantasy novels, like Rusalka and Yvgenie.

Thanks. I'm actually a huge fan of hers, even if I only have
half her books (which is still a large number of books!).
Downbelow Station and Cyteen were my first two and still
probably my favorites. The Chanur books didn't really do
it form me. Somehow I missed Finity's End! Looking forward
to reading that.

My kids are old enough to be forcing books on ME now, which
I really enjoy... so my stack of books-to-be-read is even
greater than it was before. Luckily I'm allowed (by me :-)
to use both sides of my bed as a level-2 book cache...

- Joe

P.S. So I guess another way of asking my question would be...
do you know anyone else that writes like Cherryh? What I
love about her writing is that it is so dense and compact
that I can't skim it or read it when I'm tired. Whereas
something like Rendezvous with Ranma I can read in one sitting.
It's like Infinite Jest vs. something by Stephen King.

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