[FoRK] Shakespeare and Lawrence

Malcolm Greenshields < greenshields at uleth.ca > on > Tue Jun 13 09:59:14 PDT 2006

Elias Sinderson wrote:

> Malcolm Greenshields wrote:
>> For a good time read Shakespeare, Alice Munro, Henry Miller, Cormac 
>> Mcarthy, Guy Vanderhaeghe, Raymond Chandler, and especially Jane Austen. 
> In that order?   ;-)
> Honestly, since you mentioned him, I consider McCarthy to be one of 
> Americas national treasures. From what I understand, I am not alone in 
> this.
> - Elias
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Me too, though I'm not American. The last, No Country for Old Men, blew 
me away and the Crossing earlier did as well. For a real hoot reading 
dialogue, Elmore Leonard.

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