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Please pass this along to blogs and other lists if you are so inclined. 
Thanks! If you want to write on the topic, but no blog, you can guest post 
at Bitch | Lab. Just let me know.

Bitch | Lab will be hosting the 17th Carnival of Feminists on June 21. The 
deadline for submissions is June 20. You can use the form at 
<http://feministcarnival.blogspot.com/> or send them to BL at 
mailto:carnival at pulpculture.org

Suggested themes for the Carnival include:

1. Given what Carol Hanisch originally meant by the phrase, "the personal 
is political," how do you see your work as a continuation of what Hanisch 
and some of our early second wave foremothers envisioned?

     You can learn more about what Carol Hanisch wrote in her
     new introduction to her original essay here,

     As Carol says at the end of the conclusion, she feels her
     words were used to mean something other than originally
     intended. I thought we should honor her by thinking about
     how we could and do reinvigorate her original meaning.

     You can see her question to today's feminists

2. The virtues of being mouthy, talking back, refusing norms of politeness, 

     The philosopher Hypatia was appointed to the highest
     academic position in Alexandria. When sexually harassed
     in her classroom she got mouthy and flung "the 5th century
     version of a sanitary napkin at him, exclaiming that the
     joys of sex rather than those of philosophy were what was
     on the student's mind."

     Hypatia, of course, didn't get away with it. Cyril, Bishop
     of Alexandria, hired or encouraged a group of Nitrian
     monks to punish her by stripping her, razing her, and
     rending her skin with sharp shells until she died. (from
     Mary Ellen Waith's _A History of Women Philosophers, Vol. 1_
     in Bell and Klein's <em>Radically Speaking: Feminism Reclaimed.)

     Hypatia's story might make us think that being mouthy, talking
     back, and resisting norms of politeness might not be such a good
     idea. But, we keep on finding ways to mouth off, talk back, and
     be as impolite and impolitic as we wanna be.

3. Finally, it wouldn't be a party at Bitch | Lab if there wasn't some talk 
of sex positive feminism.

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