[FoRK] Re: FoRK Digest, Vol 32, Issue 8

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Fri Jun 16 10:51:13 PDT 2006

Stephen D. Williams <sdw <at> lig.net> writes:

> I have the old B&W Moby Dick TiVo'd.  I never saw it before, but the few 
> minutes I caught included the church scene with the ship's prow as the 
> pulpit which I think is hilarious and fascinating.  I'm assuming that 
> whaling towns must have actually done this.

We saw this version with our kids after they got done going through Moby Dick
(bedtime reading). The church scene was really interesting... I have no idea if
it's historical.

My kids enjoyed the movie. All the ship stuff was pretty neat for them, being
able to see a ship sailing, and how the wales were caught.  Hunting is pretty
abstract for them, since we're vegetarian... (Amusingly, it's also hard for me
to talk about with them.)

My husband was a bit disappointed how much of the substance of the story was
left out, but there you go. It's a movie. About 5% of the original work.

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