[FoRK] Re: In the market for a new car because of my stupidity

Justin Mason < jm at jmason.org > on > Mon Jun 19 02:21:51 PDT 2006

> > Add a gps, mp3 player and AP (with usb ports for mounting filez(the netgear
> > wgt634 is a good choice) and turn any old car into a rolling bringing of
> > goodness and enlightenment..

WGT634?  how does that compare to the Linksys NSLU2?

If I buy one of these, it'd have to (a) be a wifi client (not an AP, I
have a better one of those), and preferably (b) not by Netgear -- see
http://taint.org/tag/netgear . I hope such a thing exists.  If it doesn't,
I might have to get hacking with Gumstix. ;)


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