[FoRK] evdb-spam Fwd: Eventful Calendar Notification: Web Services

Rohit Khare < khare at alumni.caltech.edu > on > Mon Jun 19 14:14:36 PDT 2006

Hey, the first example in my box of hCalendar spam! :)

I cannot figure out why a movie ad should show up in a feed of  
supposed web services conferences. Is WS-Kryptonite on the way?!


Begin forwarded message:

> From: <alerts at eventful.com>
> Date: June 18, 2006 1:09:22 AM PDT
> To: <rohit at khare.org>
> Subject: Eventful Calendar Notification: Web Services
> Your Eventful calendar "Web Services" has changed.
> 2 changes.
> ADDED: 2 events
>   - Superman Returns (http://eventful.com/E0-001-001048977-3)
>   - Superman Returns: An IMAX 3D Experience (http://eventful.com/ 
> E0-001-001049043-2)
> This message was sent by the Eventful notification system because  
> you configured your calendar named "Web Services" to notify you  
> weekly if changes occur.  You may alter the schedule or turn off  
> notification alltogether by visiting the calendar settings page at  
> http://eventful.com/calendars/C0-001-000001463-1/edit.

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