[FoRK] Re: In the market for a new car because of my stupidity

Ken Meltsner < meltsner at alum.mit.edu > on > Mon Jun 19 15:05:23 PDT 2006

To drift back to the original topic:  I just picked up a new Toyota
Camry Hybrid. It's a seriously cool car -- quiet, good pep, etc.
Barcelona Red Metallic (color chosen by the dealer).

It's hard to make an apples-apples comparison between the Hybrid and
non-hybrid models since they've added a lot of stuff to make it
roughly comparable to the Camry XLE, but not everything.  XLE costs
about $25K, the Hybrid around $26K, and there's a $2K tax credit, so I
guess it's roughly the same price, depending on the value you place on
leather trim and such.  One feature that I think I will enjoy, even if
I wouldn't have bought it if I had a choice is a Bluetooth phone

The tax credit is going to be halved after 6/30 -- Toyota sells more
hybrid cars each month than VW USA does of any model and they hit the
vehicle target for the credit.

Fuel costs are projected to run 20% or so lower, or a couple of
hundred per year for my driving habits.  We'll see whether
regenerative braking reduces the need for brake work.

Ken Meltsner

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