[FoRK] Re: In the market for a new car because of my stupidity

Ken Meltsner < meltsner at alum.mit.edu > on > Tue Jun 20 09:11:20 PDT 2006

I'll check -- at one point, I was reading that it was considered part
of the emissions control system and might be covered under that
warranty (fifteen years).  But there's also a disclaimer in the manual
that replacement of the battery is considered normal maintenance, so
that may not apply.

My feeling is that 8 years of development/competition will bring down
the battery replacement price significantly, either through
third-party equivalents or remanufactured units.

Strangely, my wife's new nerve stimulator uses a rechargeable battery.
 Of course, it costs a lot more than $3-4K to replace her battery --
the unit alone is $20K list, and the post-op infection more than
doubled that....

Ken Meltsner

On 6/20/06, Brian Atkins <brian at posthuman.com> wrote:
> I thought Toyota was offering a lengthy (10 yr?) warranty on the batteries. No?
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