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Ouch.  This is one of the many reasons I don't buy into high-end clothes 
(besides sportswear).  Even with sportswear, it took me 20 years to 
finally buy a real Gortex running jacket.  Strangely, it was pretty much 
the same price it would have cost me in the early 80's, close to $300.  
At least it is tough; it seems like it will last another 20.  And I 
should have bought one a long time ago.

I'm happy to be ostentatious with my tech, but that involves useful tools.

Now I suppose if anyone I dealt with, besides the guy who spent a few 
years on Wall Street, noticed suit pedigree, maybe it would have some value.


Robert Harley wrote:
> I got a 1.3K$ suit recently and was, like, da bomb, and I left the
> trousers into a dry cleaners on 6th avenue and they, like, "lost
> them".  This is "not cool".
> 3
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