[FoRK] Re: Blog advice wanted

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Sun Jun 25 12:25:03 PDT 2006

Damien Morton <fork <at> bitfurnace.com> writes:

> Not a good enough reason not to do it (the emails to yourself, that is).

Email doean't come with the pretty colors, and formatting, the sense that it's
*real* writing... yeah, pretty lame I know. (And yes, I could do stuff with
templates, etc, but with email it seems like too much work, and gmail is only so
flexible, etc etc.)

Well, as I mentioned before, it's not like I'd lose my kids if the wrong person
read my stuff. True privacy isn't necessary (at least at this point). My goal is
to give myself a forum for capturing and processing my thoughts through writing.
It's safer than talking to people - it removes the social dimension of
communication, not prone to misunderstanding, or people getting unfounded
negative opinions, and so forth.

If I needed real privacy, then it'd be on my own computer, encrypted. I'd also
download blogging software and configure everything myself on my machine -- too
much work for my current purposes.

I like the idea of writing backwards to avoid the indexers :)

I think LiveJournal will work for me...


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