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paul < paul at remsset.com > on > Sun Jun 25 21:30:33 PDT 2006

You're in Austin, go grocery shopping.  Write a check at the HEB and
"borrow" the pen.  (well, might ask, too.)  You think the checker
really cares if you take the pen?

Heck, come to the store in Burnet and I'll give you a few pens... and
a notebook from the lost-n-found box.

This meets your requirement of "free".

Anyway, however, just write.


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Damien Morton <fork <at> bitfurnace.com> writes:
> Have you considered a nice leather bound notepad and a pen?

Well, when you put it that way...

(But, see, I'd have to pay for the journal and pen... So it still
doesn't meet
my requirements!)

Sheesh, ask a simple question...


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