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The FAS file on SCS and the Jason Vest article from the 
Village Voice, archived in May 2002:

  http://cryptome.org/fas-scsfac.zip (240KB)

Three eyeballs of SCS:




Anything new you turn would be welcomed. According
to Ron Susskind's new book SCS-type operations have
greatly increased in number and type of invasion since 
9/11, and may be the principal action against freedom 
fighters and their supporters. DoD is doing the black
jobs now also with its own special operations units.

Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC)
delivers the undercover teams -- CIA and special forces 
from all the military branches -- worldwide and provides 
protection as well as operates the murderous UAVs. A 
few hi-rez photos on the AFSOC website showing the 
UAVs being maintained and armed by contractors.

Teams are reportedly in Iran, North Korea, China,
Syria and some contentious parts of the former Soviet 
Union -- bases are located in the various central
Asia 'stans, Taiwan, Japan. Some working on North
Korea are coming from China with that government's
okay, but others are working parts of China without
an okay.

Venezuela is doomed, the ninjas cackle.

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