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Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Thu Jul 6 17:18:38 PDT 2006

Dave Long wrote:
> ...
>> It's pretty interesting how much the terms and concepts were used and
>> available to anyone (in Ohio!) back in 1901/2.
> Seeing as how trig is useful for facilitating both peaceful transfers 
> of property (metes and bounds) and violent transfers of property 
> (spotting and artillery), I wouldn't be surprised to find the concepts 
> used and available even in the Ohio of 1803.  (and used, but maybe not 
> so available, in the the India of 503 BC)
> On the other hand, some applications of concepts may only seem obvious 
> in hindsight, like Galileo's categorical decomposition of motion along 
> horizontal (adjacent) and vertical (opposite) projections -- or was 
> renaissance artillery (at least among the turks) advanced enough that 
> it was simply a matter of showing how common practice could work in 
> theory?
I wasn't talking about Trig being used in Ohio circa 1901, but rather 
various aerodynamic concepts, theories, 3D vector force optimization and 
physics, etc.


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