[FoRK] This sucks: Ken Lay is innocent

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May be he really didn't die - his stunt double did?.

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> http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601039&refer=columnist_woolner&sid=asMgCYLNCfko
> Ken Lay Died an Innocent Man, Believe It or Not: Ann Woolner
> July 6 (Bloomberg) -- Six weeks ago, Kenneth Lay stood outside the Houston
> courthouse where he had just been convicted of multiple crimes and declared,
> ``I am innocent of the charges against me.''
> Those words came true when his heart stopped pumping yesterday. Yes, Kenneth
> Lay, that most notorious of corporate wrongdoers, died an innocent man in the
> eyes of the law.
> When a defendant dies, ``the general rule is that if the conviction hasn't
> gotten past the first appeal, it is supposed to be abated, dismissed,
> conviction erased,'' says Stanford University law professor Robert Weisberg.
> [...]
> It probably means the prosecution can't get restitution for those victimized
> by Lay's fraud, though the Fifth Circuit ruling in the Parsons case was more
> divided on that point. And Lay's death will most certainly complicate
> government efforts to seize whatever property of his is left. That amounts to
> about $7.8 million, according to court papers filed last week by prosecutors,
> who put Lay's ill-gotten gains at $43.5 million.
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