[FoRK] what does evesdropping sound like?

J. Andrew Rogers < andrew at ceruleansystems.com > on > Sun Jul 9 20:45:58 PDT 2006

On Jul 9, 2006, at 4:19 PM, Corinna wrote:
> Just being paranoid (probably), but recently, my husband called me  
> on my cell
> from our landline. As we were talking, we heard a faint series of  
> tones, like a
> machine was dialing (like when you get transferred by an automated  
> system), but
> there were more than 7. No clicks or other sounds, just tones. We  
> hung up, and I
> called him back, and the tones were still there, but stopped after  
> a few
> seconds. We made a joke about the NSA, and kept talking.

You cannot hear someone tapping your traffic.  Modern wiretaps and  
carnivore type devices work by mirroring packets to another port on  
the switch fabric.  It is completely transparent with respect to your  
connection and essentially undetectable.


J. Andrew Rogers

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