[FoRK] tuangou

Steve Nordquist < signa at everestkc.net > on > Mon Jul 10 01:05:19 PDT 2006

> I wonder if this has a chance of taking off in the US - most of the  
> USians I've spoken to about collective bargaining power have been deeply  
> suspicious of it.
> http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0511/p01s01-woap.htm

Look, I understand that the Granny Police are swelling in rank and that  
they no longer have that duty of seeing that people have only one child,  
but bargaining collectively and then not buying that way is fraud on  
first-parties class-action recourse.
	So of course it's wonderful in the cases where there isn't any; call up a  
neighbor and grab a cup of the machine-state you want to do Blu-Ray  
playback without a key revocation or trace--they're your privacy providers  
at some rate.  A washer?  Look, I appreciate the way that machine-tending  
is a creepy scary nonterminating task and look forward to seeing The Ring  
3 uncover a child forced to live in the washer and turn the bin even in  
death  (road trips to visit Dave Winer at some faded ancestral home,  
asking directions to the IP address all over, a MySpace photo which causes  
its viewers to scare giraffes off inaugural flights of  
lighter-than-air-WiMax-ferries...thing writes itself), but this isn't the  
level of Party Performance I looked forward to.

There's this optimal trust group see, of people who you ask 'will it mess  
you up if I buy this for me or us?' which is not going to involve people  
you met when circumstances led to the demise of your old kit.  At all.

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