[FoRK] magnetic RAM --- who's the target audience at this point?

Steve Nordquist < signa at everestkc.net > on > Sat Jul 15 20:51:19 PDT 2006

Probably the people who want to fill out the rest of the
specsheet; Tesla/second flux tolerance (momentary, read,
data, and device-process-overall; major and minor axes (if such))
Packaging nuts who will be putting 2 of those on top of a
60W chip.

Besaid SoC process people, as it were.

Crazy video editors who bought new Flash HDs every month.

Or more realistically, a few metrics on how infiniband
links on the same silicon will affect data integrity,
or for applications, whether they do something special as
low-power 'e-beam-proof' recording devices; the NSA is
going to have -way- better remixes of 'Can you find the
way to San Jose' until policy catches up.

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