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At 12:38 15-07-06, Andy Armstrong wrote:
 >On 15 Jul 2006, at 17:37, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
 >>> http://jobs.perl.org/job/4125
 >>> Since when the fuck was being a Christian a skill?
 >> I've seen a lot of people claim to be a Christian,
 >> and fewer actually *try* to be a Christian,
 >> but very few are any good at it.
 >Can you name any I may have heard of? :)

Probably not. Isn't that the point? At the risk of incurring
wrath by going meta, what exactly is a Christian? Is it
exemplified by someone who wears a funny hat and who sells
indulgences? Is it someone takes another person's word for
it? Is it someone who lives by a certain creed, to the best
of their ability? Whence cometh that creed, Jesus via the
bible or the Council of Nicea?

On another list, a lady who self-describes as Christian spent
some extra effort to describe a religion I was exposed to in
my youth as non-Christian. Problem is, it self-describes as
"Christian" too.

I've long-heard that the differences between cults, sects,
and religions is time. While I don't personally have a dog
in that race, I did observe that my mother would not agree
to the characterization of her religion as non-Christian.
Wow, that's when the fun really started. So what is the
real answer? 42?


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