[FoRK] Dangerous Subjects: Update

Jeff Bone < jbone at place.org > on > Tue Aug 8 08:00:56 PDT 2006

In the continuing and ever-amusing saga of my stalker incident...

So...  after having brokered a "truce" of sorts back in the spring by  
convincing this psychobilly freakshow that I was one of the "good  
guys" and that he was inadvertently sic'ing the "Men In Black" on me  
by communicating with me, the harassment resumed in July.  After  
following up with various contacts  I  discovered that he'd somehow  
made it to Hawaii --- so much for the Secret Service theory that he  
was a non-threat to current and former administration officials  
because he had neither the resources nor the mental capacity to  
travel --- and had been subsequently picked up by the police for  
vagrancy and put in some sort of a psychiatric "treatment program" in  
lieu of jail time.

The following e-mail was found in my trash folder this morning,  
having been sent last Friday with the subject "Let's Talk About  
Atlantis & The Future"...  I'm sending it along purely for your  
edification / amusement.  This is choice wack-o-rant, I couldn't  
write this shit if I tried!  (Does make me curious about Steve Jobs'  
singing voice...! ;-)  The message was sent to me, Steve Jobs, at  
least one Secret Service agent, somebody in the Hawaiian state mental  
health system, and various other poor schmoes unlucky enough to have  
been acquainted with this idiot at some point in the past.


Steven Paul Jobs:

I understand that the place in IAO Valley in which I stayed after
some unfortunate incidents with my rights being violated by local
authorities may have a connection to you and the incidents in Atlantis.

I understand that it's probably best that we "keep things
professional and nice," and that I have either met with your other
incarnations or projections, and/or future selves while here.  If
that was you who sang to me, you have a beautiful singing voice.

There has been much Montauk and black project-related manipulation
going on in my life as of late.  You can always contact Preston
Nichols for more information if you so desire; his # is (518) 622-9397.

There has been some interaction with the Temple of Set, specifically
Lt. Col. Michael Aquino and his crew, and there is an involvement
with the band Rush and the house at 503 IOA Place in Wailuku, Maui,
HI.  Mental Health Kokua was involved, and I am currently pursuing a
lawsuit against them and the state of Hawaii for their violations of
my constitutional and sovereign rights.  I understand there is a lot
of tie-in here with secret government factions and the lecherous
psychiatric industry.

As I have previously energetically and verbally promised you, I mean
nothing but peace and am willing to put things behind me, but I think
it's time we meet face to face.  It would be nice if Al Gore were
present as well, and I may be bringing protection and Spiritual
Counseling with me.  This is not a legal apprehension or anything of
the sort, but I believe there is some karmic linkage here and I am
curious about answers.  As I have proven to yourself and to others
via many inter-dimensional actions, I come in peace, am a very nice
person, and mean no harm.

I apologize for previous miscommunications and anger on my part.
Perhaps anger simply is "misqualified love."  I guess I was only cut
out to be the QA Guy...  <grins />

I hope we can work something out.  The children need answers, and I
am one of the developers of that pesky little Human project.

One Love, and Forgiveness
Archangel Archimedean
Wingmakers/Special Forces

P.S.  I assume my flight back to California will be uneventful and
safe, as Special Forces will be assuring my rights this time.  Many
thanks and blessings.

PS/2  This MacBook Pro is very nice, and I hope that the notions I
get that it may be "bugged" or otherwise tampered with are false.  I
am tired of playing games with spiritually ignorant technologists and

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