[FoRK] Thoughts on today's Apple announcements

Joseph S. Barrera III < joe at barrera.org > on > Tue Aug 8 12:27:41 PDT 2006

Ian Andrew Bell wrote:

>  ... RSS is how I would prefer to consume mailing lists like FoRK,
>  though I'd still like to look at it in my Mac's email app.  Using RSS
>  allows me to route messages more flexibly, and separate mailing list
>  emails from my regular email which, if I wasn't creating separate
>  "@ianbell.com" email addresses for incoming stuff from each list,
>  would be unmanageable.  I don't know how some of the rest of you do
>  it without going nuts, frankly.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but I just filter all my email
by mailing list (based on sender or recipient) into separate folders.
Most any modern mail client supports filtering...

>  I still believe we want to post to FoRK and other lists via email,
>  because of email's inherent usability and because old habits die
>  hard.  However, I think that consuming via RSS is a great way to
>  mitigate spam, etc. while increasing flexibility.
>  To embrace this, someone needs to hack Mailman to output RSS and (I
>  think it does this already) allow post-only subscriptions.

Yes, we do have subscriber-only-posting turned on.
I'm not sure how RSS would help with spam?
RSS is just a different delivery mechanism --
the filtering of the input (pre-distribution) is the hard part.

- Joe
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