[FoRK] gmail filtering question

mikeiscool < michaelslists at gmail.com > on > Tue Aug 15 18:08:59 PDT 2006

i think as long as an email lives in the 'trash' area, the thread will
continue there. that is, you will NOT see it in the normal area. so
you need to ensure that when your filter deletes the thread, it's not
in the trash.

if it's not, i'd suggest the thread will live on but the emails from
this particular person will be deleted.

On 8/16/06, Luis Villa <luis at tieguy.org> wrote:
> So... if I sent up a filter in gmail to delete all emails from a
> completely predictable and uninteresting boor, does it also delete the
> threads the emails came in, or just the emails from the boor? I might
> (hypothetically) be on a list with such a boor, and may
> (hypothetically) be interested in reading the threads the boor posts
> in, but without the boor's commentary. (The answer to this for a
> normal email client is obvious, but gmail's thread-centricity is a
> little odd sometimes.)
> Thanks-
> Luis (not referring to any particular boors who might, say, post to fork)
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