[FoRK] Fifteen aliens arrested in Roswell, working for U.S. military

Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Mon Sep 4 01:20:30 PDT 2006


Of course the comparison to slavery is wacked: Illegal aliens, of the 
Mexican variety, are coming because they want to, because they are 
bettering their situation as far as they can see, and because they are 
exercising free will.  All of these are the opposite of slavery.

That the conditions, market and otherwise, don't force their employers 
to provide a full support system for them is just a characteristic of 
the situation they create by coming illegally.  People live in all kinds 
of conditions.  While it would be great to guarantee a modern luxury 
existence to everyone, it isn't going to happen.  I certainly didn't 
live it until several years after being an adult.

You could come up with all kinds of ills of this situation, but if they 
are choosing to join that workforce, it must be better in one or more ways.
I think that it would better if US / city teenagers were doing the fruit 
picking.  The real work would be good for them in several ways.


Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
> Adam L Beberg wrote:
>>  An economic downturn and a Gettysburg address and the slaves will be
>>  free, but they will cost 4x as much. I'm sure China would send us a
>>  million or so political prisoners if we really were in a pinch, but
>>  just so the trillion++ US dollars they are sitting on don't lose
> Jeez Us Christ. When's the last time you've been laid?
> Your humor circuits need some serious lubrication.
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