[FoRK] Screw You, Carly.

Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Mon Sep 11 04:45:13 PDT 2006

That server must be from the Compaq side... Those jerks made everything 
proprietary, everything. Only TI was worse which is why they stopped 
selling PCs decades ago.
HP used to be nice and clean for the most part. Then they bought Compaq.

If a screw ever really pisses you off, use my fallback: use the cutoff 
wheel on your Dremel to cut a slot and just use a flatblade. Just 
remember to clean off the metal dust from the motherboard. ;-)


Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> In my personal life, my technology is typically cobbled-together bits 
> inherited from a diaspora of systems and networks. My PCs are 
> Frankensteins assembled from whatever strikes my fancy during visits 
> to Fry's or the local "OEM" reseller. Often assembled using hockey 
> tape, infrequently having any flavor of redundancy, and being exposed 
> to all kinds of sins of high-technology: constant up-time, lots of 
> dust and dirt and grime, no air-conditioning, infrequent kicks and 
> punches when I'm frustrated, etc. And still it soldiers on. The worst 
> effect of this abuse, in my recollection, has been a blown power 
> supply from when I added just way too many components to Frankenputer 
> #1 a few years ago, remedied with a trip down to the Wo-Fat-Ho 
> reseller down the block and a Phillips head.
> Yet, when I build solutions in a corporate environment I can't bring 
> myself to trust my own Duck-Tape and DIY skillz and fall back instead 
> on good-ol'-faithful technology from established, credible companies 
> like HP, Dell, et al. Servers come shrink-wrapped ready-to-rock with 
> full redundancy, mirrored drives and power supplies, fail-safe support 
> up the yin-yang, and 24/7 call centre abuse privileges.
> Yet, somehow, I was unsurprised when somebody from the office rousted 
> me from my gentle slumber this morning (from their cell phone) because 
> the entire call centre and office phone system, which I rolled out 
> last week using the Asterisk/Fonality platform, was deader than a 
> doornail. I arrived to find that not only had the logic board of an HP 
> server which was the primary PBX dipped into oblivion, but that the 
> backup, which was supposed to be synced on-the-fly by FONALITY, had 
> received none of the configurations I had laboured long to produce 
> over the past few weeks.
> So, back to default behaviour, I was once again floundering in the 
> server room with a screwdriver swapping hard drives and melting cables 
> together. And I'm supposed to be the marketing guy.
> Among other stupidities, I've discovered that HP, with all of their 
> bright minds and PhDs, has set those to work not in developing 
> reliable technology but instead a system of proprietary screws -- that 
> is, fasteners which cannot be removed by the use of any known tool 
> without becoming unreusably stripped in the process of their removal, 
> and which ensure that a 3-minute hard-drive swap will take 
> approximately one half hour.
> So Screw YOU Carly, Michael, et al. Next time I'm going it alone. You 
> suck.
> -Ian.
> PS - Yes, I know Carly was fired ages ago but it's still her $%&@ing 
> fault HP/Compaq is so screwed up.
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