[FoRK] re: theofascism

Jeff Bone < jbone at place.org > on > Mon Sep 11 07:34:42 PDT 2006

Tom sez:

> Boner joins Dawkin's Army?  CHoo CHoo catch that train.
Hey, I got my commission in Dawkins' Army long ago...  ;-)

Geege says:

> Does the term Islamic Fascist inform so much more discreetly?
Well, I'm not sure why informing discreetly is a necessary or even  
worthy goal.  Seems to me we're in need of a bit of blunt (as in  
force trauma) information.

Hey, I don't like agreeing with the Bushies on ANYTHING.  In this  
case, though, it's useful to call it like it is in order to  
communicate / fully grasp the magnitude of the problem.  Calling it  
Islamic fascism doesn't imply or endorse any particular course of  
action;  indeed, if anything it merely communicates the insidious and  
complex nature of the problem.  (IMHO, intelligent folks don't fall  
victim to the no-doubt intended but false WWII evocation, here.  Yet  
the mapping between what's going on in the Muslim world and the  
concept of "fascism" remains...)


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