[FoRK] Theonet , your soaking in it

Tom Higgins < tomhiggins at gmail.com > on > Mon Sep 11 10:17:44 PDT 2006

We have all, to some extent or another, had to deal with this issue.
Religion is a tricky thing because it require a suspension of factual
cognition such that reason at certain points fail.

I have had many many religious folks tell me this is a fallacy, to
which I can only ask how one can have their  faith based cake and eat
from the reason table as well with out a fair amount of indigestion? I
have never gotten an answer that in some way or another did not
suppose a sense of faith as a given or that invalidated those without
faith as unsaved/damned/heathen/ etc wrong thinkers.

Diplomacy only goes so far. Historic evidence shows that theocrats in
numbers and/or in power of nations have the uncanny knack of forcing
those around to be the same as they are to eventually suffer
war/conflict. If you are religious and this makes you uncomfortable,
then you are at least able to sense there is a problem. Where things
get entirely unworkable is when the followers of historically war
entrenched religions excuse away history with "reasoned" discourse
...at best...or look you dead on and deny deny deny. I do not know
which is more frightening.

Consider also the very very small percentage of the populace which
claims to uphold no theist agenda, yet are treated by the theists as
the worst enemy possible to  the point of ostracism and/or  out right

The short term prospects of this whole mess is nothing short of ugly
on the personal lives of many at best and a death sentence to millions
and millions at worst. History is a great teacher, unless it says
something that contradicts your faith and then it becomes something to
alter. Sadly pointing out these alterations brands you as part of the

And thus we come to what to do now to save the world form yet another
bunch of century's of death and destruction done in the name of
various deities....

The only answers I can reasonably come up with are bloody, conflicted
and in the short term more like the scenes from the Terminator after
Skynet takes over than a reasoned diplomatic sit down with rational

(if folks are wanting to roll out another in and endless series of
recounting of the "My god is the god of love, folks who give us a bad
name are not really my gods followers" please have all your facts in a
row and please, oh please, do not bother with the "woulda coulda
shoulda" revisionist recountings because here, in this place, (where
that is not air your breathing) your gonna get your ass handed back to
you done up in festive wrapping paper, a big bow, and a balloon that
says "Sorry your not felling good, get well soon" flutter atop. No
offense, but please don't offend by  making insulting false points)


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