[FoRK] Theonet , your soaking in it

Malcolm Greenshields < greenshields at uleth.ca > on > Mon Sep 11 10:26:10 PDT 2006

Stephen D. Williams wrote:

> I think this is one of the better descriptions of FoRK as we know, 
> love, and forge it.
> sdw
> Tom Higgins wrote:
>> ...
>> (if folks are wanting to roll out another in and endless series of
>> recounting of the "My god is the god of love, folks who give us a bad
>> name are not really my gods followers" please have all your facts in a
>> row and please, oh please, do not bother with the "woulda coulda
>> shoulda" revisionist recountings because here, in this place, (where
>> that is not air your breathing) your gonna get your ass handed back to
>> you done up in festive wrapping paper, a big bow, and a balloon that
>> says "Sorry your not felling good, get well soon" flutter atop. No
>> offense, but please don't offend by  making insulting false points)
>> -tomhiggins
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Problem is, no substantial group that claimed irreligion or Reason and 
had control of a state has historically been any less warlike than the 
theists. There haven't been many of them, but they spent most of their 
time fighting.

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