[FoRK] Where the F&@# is my flying car?

Brian Atkins < brian at posthuman.com > on > Mon Sep 11 10:57:42 PDT 2006

Malcolm Greenshields wrote:
> Brian Atkins wrote:
>> Malcolm Greenshields wrote:
>>> What happened? In elementary school the 50's, we were all promised 
>>> flying cars in the *FUTURE*, along with completely robotic kitchens 
>>> (when we didn't want to eat meals available in a single pill), and we 
>>> were going to have so much leisure that we would all be swanning 
>>> about, thinking of and doing "higher things."
>> Blame yourself for buying into corporate propaganda. It was mostly 
>> consumer-oriented companies like GM that output those crap ideas:
>> http://www.boingboing.net/2006/09/10/propaganda_films_for.html
>> This was not any kind of serious, even semi-scientific attempt to 
>> really figure out potential timelines for future developments. It was 
>> some marketing guys sitting around a room coming up with things they 
>> thought housewives of the 50s would think sounded cool, and they hoped 
>> would reflect back on their company to help sell some cars with fins.
> I'm not sure that blaming eight-year-olds is quite fair. Nobody really 
> believed it anyway. It was just American TV, and it helped us to develop 
> a sense of irony and skepticism, the spirit in which my last mail was 
> written.

Sure sure, I left off what should have gone at the end of my message, which is 
that there is a converse to believing the hype which is becoming such a skeptic 
of hype that it becomes cool to ironically knock everything, even in cases where 
the hype may be warranted.
Brian Atkins
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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