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Malcolm Greenshields < greenshields at uleth.ca > on > Mon Sep 11 12:17:06 PDT 2006

Tom Higgins wrote:

> On 9/11/06, Malcolm Greenshields <greenshields at uleth.ca> wrote:
>> Problem is, no substantial group that claimed irreligion or Reason and
>> had control of a state has historically been any less warlike than the
>> theists. There haven't been many of them, but they spent most of their
>> time fighting.
> Given that in the world we know no group exists in a vacuum, then all
> it takes is one group to say "our god told us to love each other, but
> those who do not believe in him are not of us so we can kill you silly
> mad with our theo-fu" to screw up the whole thing for every group.
> * "no group has ever lived in peace therefor the nontheists are just
> as bad as the theists"
> Let us ponder this for a few cycles, cause i do not want to be the
> only one who rips it to tiny little shreds.
> -tomhiggins
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Before you rip, you need first to sort out the statement correctly. 
Certainly, your version of the statement deserves ripping, but the point 
I am making (badly perhaps) is that the pathology we now face can not be 
generalized or localized to theism, or to the theofascist bumper sticker 
we've been discussing. It has more to do with the suppression of the 
rational, the manipulation of ignorance, poverty, and paranoia and with 
intellectual stagnation, creating a combination of peer pressure and 
mass mental illness. These have often been accomplishments of religion, 
but certainly not exclusively.

If you want a moral equivalency that is not bogus, simply say that all 
who kill thousands of innocents for an abstraction are bad. I did read 
all three parts of Amis's essay and agree with him, although he might 
have emphasized the notion of "ideology" a little more. I'd also like to 
see how he immagines the feminist resistance abuilding.

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