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Tom Higgins < tomhiggins at gmail.com > on > Mon Sep 11 16:06:23 PDT 2006

On 9/11/06, Malcolm Greenshields <greenshields at uleth.ca> wrote:
> If you want a moral equivalency  that is not bogus, simply say that all
> who kill thousands of innocents for an abstraction are bad.

Many people suspend the rational parts of their being for "higher
powers" of many sorts. Cult of personalities, nationalism, teamism,
markettrendism, name your fave. Its not just about pretend  white
bearded father figures who will make it all better if you subvert your
will to them.

What it comes down to though is not even so much about the deaths of
thousands, though this is often the cruel outcome of the dominant
ismology in play ,as it is about the bulldozering/quieting of views
other than the ismology in play. Its about being taken off a plane
because the script on your tshirt is not understandable by the people
around you. Its about burning scientists one century and then labeling
 your ismology as scientific the next. Its about actually
understanding the terms of your belifes (bible/holy book, manifesto,
contract) before you spread it , by force often, to others.  Its about
being freed from concentration camps one decade and placing a
population in ones of your own constructing  soon after. Its about the
Ellen Jamesians.. Its about a lot of things.

So the phrase you put forth above is simply a bumper sticker as well.
This has to go beyond and betwixt all that to mean anything of usable


PS (and yes in the past I have used that little line of argument with
folks and the response vary from "Oh but you see thats not us, thats
the radical extreem" to "Ya cant make an omlete wit out bustin up some
eggs." to "These Colors Dont Run". They are all insulting and debase
the very issue that is turning this world into a post Skynet backlot.
Then again, there are those ismologies who WANT this to be the end
times.....you think reasoned little quotes are going to do anything to
sway the warriors of god?


 if you have not already scan thru these

http://youtube.com/results?search_query=richard+dawkins&search=Search  )

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