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At 07:50 PM 9/11/2006, Geege wrote:
>Just getting caught up on e-mail some many months too late.
>I am not a cockroach expert nor do I play one on TV.  I do, however, live in
>Fladedah, habitat of afore referenced PALMETTO BUG.  I have destroyed a few.
>They are very large.  And when I picked up the brick (or shoe, book, or
>boyfriend) I dropped on them, I saw actual organs in the remains rather than
>just bug glop.  Spleens and such.

I can confirm this. Last night, in fact, grabbed copy of random paperback 
from stack of books on kitchen counter.... *thwack*. It takes 5 years 
livin' in a state that actually names streets and entire developments after 
cockroaches to be expert at killin' said varmints.

also, an activity that involves taking apart machines -- computers, 
microwaves, telephones, etc. - invariably results in the discovery of dead 
cockroach carcasses inside machine. I don't even want to know how many of 
them fill the electrical and phone conduits, armies of dead 

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