[FoRK] 911 - The war on understanding

Tom Higgins < tomhiggins at gmail.com > on > Mon Sep 11 18:08:50 PDT 2006

On 9/11/06, Albert S. <albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com> wrote:
> No matter what we call things, everyone should agree
> that the goal should be to end the killing of innocent
> civilians.

I'm not sure if the history books, the various holy men and the world
leaders would follow you on this imagining.  Given all that has come
before it seems the blood of the innocent are mourned after the fact
but given about a rats ass worth of thought when a conflict is going
on/about to erupt. Genocide is a near religion in some parts of
Africa, where are the world forces in stopping the death of thousands
of innocents there? Can some one tell me why it is the forces that
would fight WWII given 50 or so years of tech advances could not help
the folks in those parts. What are they doing thats more worthy....oh
yeah, Democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, protection of the oil fields,

> The words we use to describe what is happening affect
> peoples understanding of what is happening. Peoples
> understanding of what is happening affects the
> policies governments have to reach the goal.

Words are nice, actions speak louder. How to you counteract torture of
detainees, the bombing of buildings with planes, decades of failed
foreign policy? Words are great to mobilize action, but words alone
are , to lift a phrase from the wise ones, dust in the wind.

Now true certain words can mobilize better than others. I still get
chills reading the letter of Dr ML King  and I get equal but opposite
chills watching Triumph of the Will. In both cases action was the
backup to the words, though actions of very different means and ends.

> The question is, are the words we are using, the
> understanding that we have, and the government
> policies leading to more or less killing of innocent
> civilians?

The words you speak historically move the government very little to
kill less and do more for the civilians in question without either the
force to kick those in power out or grease them with enough money and
power so as they will owe you the favor of doing what you want.

Some will argue that the power to kick the bums out is limited by a
number of factors including the redrawing of voter bases to favor
those in power, the tainting of the voting methods, and an ability by
those in power to sedate/delude/misdirect/bamboozle enough of the
voting base to not even vote.

Then pen is mightier than the sword is a great thought and often the
words written by that pen can mobilize people to action...and in the
action comes change...the only time I can think of the pen literally
being mighter that the swords is  in the case of G Gordon Liddy on the
Dick Cavet Show.

> My best wishes to the friends and families of those
> killed on 911.

And to all those who have been killed before and after 9/11 because of
power grabs, religious "rightness", real estate disputes, and ennui.

I am waiting for the first 9/11 sales ads. 10 year mark maybe?


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