Fwd: [FoRK] Is There A God?

Tom Higgins < tomhiggins at gmail.com > on > Tue Sep 12 10:10:58 PDT 2006

These arguments are Old Bits [1] :)-  Seriously, we have been around
this particular stump from the very begining

"Fire on stick, there be a fire god!"
"I see no fire god, where?"
(pokes flaming stick in eye)
"Oh yea, me see now"

Then there is the centuries of Paulists who contrive to use logic to
prove god. Yea lets prove the unprovable...this is a favorite tact i
take with folks who try to play to the intellect side to sway me.

"so wait, if reason can prove god then your whole saved by faith thing
is really saved by reason...(pause pause pause)...yeah it was a good
try, back to the pot luck line"

Hundreds and hundreds of years go by and still we are having the
argument, which i guese is a better thing then having the theists win
it all out and silencing/converting all who would oppose their
thoughts. The I gather our arguments would go something like this old

"Hello brother...Are you of the body?"

"The Body? Whats that?"

"Lawgiver come quick, this brother must be absorbed, Landru is good"

"Look im going to just be going....(bonk bonk on head)....(thud)"

"Yes, Landru is good!"

or maybe , to follow thematically in the ST meme..

"We are Paul of Christ, resistence is futile, you will be
assimulated...(insert waffer)"



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