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Kevin Elliott < K-Elliott at wiu.edu > on > Tue Sep 12 13:19:27 PDT 2006

At 13:03 -0700  on  9/12/06, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
>As we all know, Islamic nations are a good example of the 
>co-dependency between church
>and state.  You can't unravel them.  There is no seam between the 
>two.  Now, most of us
>bristle at this thought after being exposed to the beheadings and 
>behandings of common
>criminals, the uneven dispensation of justice, etc.  But the people 
>who live there seem to
>tolerate it.  And in the case of Iraq, they even seem to prefer it 
>to those systems which we
>would otherwise have them live under.

One comment on this- it is very difficult to separate "religion" and 
"justice".  Severe punishment for "minor" crime is a VERY common 
feature of less "modern" society.  If it is difficult to catch 
offenders (so the chance of a crime going unpunished is higher) it is 
a natural consequence that the punishment for crime will be much 
harder.  If you only have a 10% chance of catching the person how 
committed a given act, then it makes sense to kill those you do 
catch. Statistically speaking it's likely that he/she has committed 
other crimes you don't know about (and will commit such crimes in the 
future), so it's most sensible to punish severely to prevent future 
crime and punish past crime your not aware of.

This isn't a very NICE thing to do, but it is reality if you don't 
have any other way of dealing with criminals.  This is exactly the 
reason why horse thieving and cattle rustling were handled so 
severely in the Old West.
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