[FoRK] 911 - The war on understanding

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At 8:59 PM -0600  on  9/12/06, Malcolm Greenshields wrote:
>Kevin Elliott wrote:
>>  This isn't a very NICE thing to do, but it is reality if you don't 
>>have any other way of
>>dealing with criminals.  This is exactly the reason why horse 
>>thieving and cattle rustling
>>were handled so severely in the Old West.
>Perhaps this is why so much of the U.S. has capital punishment (all 
>but a dozen states)  -
>because the homicide clearance rate is generally lower than that of 
>other rich western

<nod>  That would be my gut.  I think you also have to factor in time 
and cultural inertia- America had a  "frontier" period that ended 
much later than Europe's.  Of course other factors play in as well- 
much of America is still MUCH more rural than Europe which complicate 
crime prevention/prosecution.  I'm not sure how that plays out in the 
Middle East.  At the very least the lower GDP means that less money 
is available for crime management.
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