Refuse Resist (was Re: [FoRK] ITV - yawn..)

Tom Higgins < tomhiggins at > on > Thu Sep 14 07:29:11 PDT 2006

WOW, color me taken aback. Are you telling me otherwise dinkum
thinkums here do not know the meaning of Refuse Resist?

Buying the product, even at a loss, is a gain in market share for that
company. That has value, you have given them value of use and market

We the consumers have the money/power of use, the stuff the market
forces want, if we do not hold back that money/power of use  from
those offering us products that are limiting and basically a personal
affront then we are supporting and encouraging that behavior now and
in the future.

Oi fing vey folks. Come on.

Apples support of DRM is the stuff of digg top stories. Just yesterday
there was the tale of Will Wheaton loosing his DRM music purchases
with the install of iTunes7. The myth of Apple not REALLY doing the
DRM dance is more Apple Apologist spin. They do, it harms, if you buy
you support it...there is the line and thats the end of it. Are you
dangling from it? Hope not..

And if you have made that choice to be a patsy to the DRM monster,
please spare us the collaborator's sob story of peer
pressure/fate/hand wringing inability to have seen another way of
action. On this list its almost insulting.


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