[FoRK] Boomers -> drugs

Andy Armstrong < andy at hexten.net > on > Thu Sep 14 07:56:50 PDT 2006

On 14 Sep 2006, at 15:46, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> Yep, that's the other reference I was trying to remember.  Funny,  
> sex and drugs.  Bill Maher had a guest who mentioned it on the HBO  
> show last night (just flipping channels and caught it, so given the  
> sampling narrowness, it indicates that it's possibly a widespread  
> sentiment).  I know I've heard the comment a time or two more.

I've noticed my dad going soft on drugs lately - he's about 75 now.  
He used to be off the 'drug addicts should be shot' school of social  
policy - now his rhetoric is that people should be allowed to take  
what they want and that, in particular, it's crazy to criminalise  

I'm waiting for him to ask me to score for him...

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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