[FoRK] Why Johnny Can't Code

Jim Whitehead < ejw at soe.ucsc.edu > on > Thu Sep 14 09:33:47 PDT 2006

> Only, quietly and without fanfare, or even any comment or notice by
> software pundits, we have drifted into a situation where almost  
> none of
> the millions of personal computers in America offers a line- 
> programming
> language simple enough for kids to pick up fast. Not even the one that
> was a software lingua franca on nearly all machines, only a decade  
> or so
> ago. And that is not only a problem for Ben and me; it is a problem  
> for
> our nation and civilization.

IMO, this is yet another example of the common theme of "what's the  
matter with the kids today." It's an easy game to play. It seems to  
be an American (human?) trait to wring your hands in worry about the  
upbringing of the next generation.

Truisms that arise from these discussions:

* Things today are different from our (in hindsight, perfect) youth
* Things certainly could be improved
* The kids are alright

- Jim

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