[FoRK] Why Johnny Can't Code

Andy Armstrong < andy at hexten.net > on > Thu Sep 14 09:38:11 PDT 2006

On 14 Sep 2006, at 17:33, Jim Whitehead wrote:
> IMO, this is yet another example of the common theme of "what's the  
> matter with the kids today." It's an easy game to play. It seems to  
> be an American (human?) trait to wring your hands in worry about  
> the upbringing of the next generation.
> Truisms that arise from these discussions:
> * Things today are different from our (in hindsight, perfect) youth
> * Things certainly could be improved
> * The kids are alright

* We're all going to hell in a handbasket

Just because every generation feels that way doesn't mean it's not  
true - it's just that it takes really fucking ages to get /anywhere/  
in a handbasket.

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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