Refuse Resist (was Re: [FoRK] ITV - yawn..)

Lucas Gonze < lgonze at > on > Thu Sep 14 11:50:35 PDT 2006

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Luis Villa wrote:
> You're the expert here, Lucas- where is the hottest and bestest of
> non-RIAA music? While I won't buy any content that is itself
> DRM-encumbered, I admit I've not yet gone cold-turkey on major-label
> content

I'm back on the crack since I started working on internet music products 
that are all about RIAA content.  But that's a special situation; you 
don't sell a startup every day.

The trick is brutally purist -- just go cold turkey, and your listening 
habits will adjust on their own.  You can't change what you have learned 
to love in the past, but you can change what you have yet to learn to 
love.  This will be painful at first because you have already absorbed 
love of things that you now can't have.  The pain will go away completely 
over time, as you find new loves in the non-RIAA pool of content.

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