[FoRK] Is God an Accident?

Jeff Bone < jbone at place.org > on > Thu Sep 14 14:08:46 PDT 2006

Interesting article --- old bits, possibly a replay, but cropped up  
on somebody's aggregator this morning, and seemed appropriate given  
various recent bits...


"Despite the vast number of religions, nearly everyone in the world  
believes in the same things: the existence of a soul, an afterlife,  
miracles, and the divine creation of the universe. Recently  
psychologists doing research on the minds of infants have discovered  
two related facts that may account for this phenomenon. One: human  
beings come into the world with a predisposition to believe in  
supernatural phenomena. And two: this predisposition is an incidental  
by-product of cognitive functioning gone awry. Which leads to the  
question ..."



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