Refuse Resist (was Re: [FoRK] ITV - yawn..)

Lucas Gonze < lgonze at > on > Thu Sep 14 14:56:42 PDT 2006

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Luis Villa wrote:
> Yoiks. I'll try. :)

It sounds harder than it is.  Once you get rolling on the new way it's a 
lot of fun, because you're getting a really fresh stream of music.  Your 
listening experience should end up being analogous to blog reading via 
aggregators like Memeorandum...

> The other question- any easy way to tell what
> is/isn't RIAA? I just got a couple CDs from a small local band*. They
> are from cdbaby, so I assume they are safe, but... how can I tell?

There will be minor RIAA members in there, just none of the majors who 
make policy for the organization and pay the bills for all the lawyers.

> *, highly recommended if you like Cuban music

You bet.  Any listenable bits online in a free and legal version?  :)

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