[FoRK] Is God an Accident?

Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Thu Sep 14 21:29:46 PDT 2006

Cool.  There have been a number of explanations that overlap this, but 
this one is simple, direct, and easy to explain.


Jeff Bone wrote:
> Interesting article --- old bits, possibly a replay, but cropped up on 
> somebody's aggregator this morning, and seemed appropriate given 
> various recent bits...
>     http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200512/god-accident
> "Despite the vast number of religions, nearly everyone in the world 
> believes in the same things: the existence of a soul, an afterlife, 
> miracles, and the divine creation of the universe. Recently 
> psychologists doing research on the minds of infants have discovered 
> two related facts that may account for this phenomenon. One: human 
> beings come into the world with a predisposition to believe in 
> supernatural phenomena. And two: this predisposition is an incidental 
> by-product of cognitive functioning gone awry. Which leads to the 
> question ..."
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> jb
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