[FoRK] Is God an Accident?

Brian Atkins < brian at posthuman.com > on > Fri Sep 15 09:17:06 PDT 2006

Albert S. wrote:
> Thanks, good reading.
> This seems like a good explanation for why the vast
> majority of people are predisposed to the body-soul
> duality and the spirit deity aspects of religion.
> However, it doesn't explain the dogmatism of 'my
> religion is the one true religion' aspect of religion.
> It's interesting to me that this explanation happens
> to be a consequence of the hardware makeup of the
> brain. It causes me to wonder whether dogmatism is
> predisposed in a similar way, due to some hardware
> limitation. Maybe some people manage to load a
> software work around(socialization), and others not so
> much.

You're on the right track. Just as the article explains some of the evolved-in 
reasons that brainware is susceptible to religions, evolutionary psychology also 
explains why human brainware is prone to politics and dogmatism. Evolutionary 
psychology in general is what you want to read up on if this type of thing 
interests you.

And by the way, EP is also why hollywood etc. always gets it wrong when the 
scriptwriters try to write the parts for aliens or terminators or Agent Smith. 
None of these creatures would have human brainware, yet their parts and action 
paths are assumed to follow the same rules and desires.
Brian Atkins
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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