[FoRK] Is God an Accident?

Albert S. < albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com > on > Mon Sep 18 19:41:44 PDT 2006

That's interesting, so you're saying it's not Theism
so much as Monotheism that can lead to problems. But
even then only some, and perhaps if my hypothesis is
correct the ones who have not overcome their
predisposition to dogmatism.

Maybe we need a war on Dogmatism. Godmatism is
harmless without the Dogmatism. 

To each his own God(s) or None,

--- rst at ai.mit.edu wrote:

> Albert S. writes:
>  > This seems like a good explanation for why the
> vast
>  > majority of people are predisposed to the
> body-soul
>  > duality and the spirit deity aspects of religion.
>  > However, it doesn't explain the dogmatism of 'my
>  > religion is the one true religion' aspect of
> religion.
> But then again, that dogmatic aspect is *hardly*
> universal.  It's a
> feature of the Abrahamic religions, but in modern
> Asian societies
> (say, Japan), it's not at all uncommon to find
> people following the
> rituals of more than one religion (say, some flavor
> of Buddhism *and*
> Shinto) without feeling particularly odd about it. 
> And going back
> further into European history, what got the Jews in
> trouble in the
> Roman empire was not their insistence on worshipping
> their *own*
> deity, but rather their refusal to join in worship
> of the Romans'
> crowd of divinities.
> (And even Christianity, while openly eschewing that
> kind of
> syncretism, still managed to get quite a few
> traditional local deities
> in the back door as devotional figures by making
> them saints of one
> kind or another).
> rst

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