[FoRK] Declarative DSLs and decentralized authorization language

Ken Meltsner < meltsner at alum.mit.edu > on > Fri Sep 22 09:04:55 PDT 2006

CLP was the next big thing last time around as well....

I think declarative approaches seem like the right idea in most cases,
but it takes a certain trust of a very complex system and ability to
abstract matters into simple declarative statements.  Prior experience
leads me to believe the former is not always a good idea and the
latter is quite rare.

In specific, CLP may be too hard for the average programmer, and I've
seen a distinct lack of enthusiasm when it's suggested that one really
talented person could replace 5-10 mediocre ones.  Most companies
*like* the notion that their staff are fungible commodities, and do
not like relying on small numbers of irreplaceable technical people.

Of course, this means there's an opportunity for companies that want
to take a contrarian approach, but it's likely to be a niche approach
given the difficulties of finding enough guru-level individuals.

Ken Meltsner

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