[FoRK] Linux+Xgl+Compiz

Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Sat Sep 23 12:40:03 PDT 2006

The memory leak was gone, or vastly better, within about a week.  
'apt-get upgrade', then restarted compiz from the tray icon I created 
(simple user operation) to run a simple script.  Now, I can go between 3 
days and a week suspending and resuming a couple times a day with many 
windows before X/etc. needs restarted.  The kernel does not bloat so 
rebooting isn't needed.


Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> I use a Dell Precision M70 laptop, about a year old, which is 1.6Ghz 
> and a high end Nvidia chipset.  The processor speed is said not to 
> have a huge effect as some are running compiz on much slower 
> processors just fine.
> Apparently most recent ATI, Nvidia, and even now Intel 3D chipsets 
> will work.  ATI is often said to have bad drivers.  I switched all 
> computers to Nvidia several years ago when they A) started having a 
> unified, single driver for all boards and B) put out a Linux driver, 
> even if it is closed source.  I've never had a problem with any Nvidia 
> product.  For a long time, Intel wouldn't release enough information 
> to get their chipset working very well, forcing me to use 1024x768 
> rather than the actual 1280x768 of my Sony Vaio TR1A.  I think that 
> must have changed recently.
> Dual monitors is said to work just fine, but I haven't been able to 
> get dynamic reconfigurable dual monitor support, like you need on a 
> laptop to plug into projectors, yet, however I'm pretty sure it can be 
> done.
> The big problem right now is a pretty major memory leak either in a 
> driver or Xgl.  Xgl ends up pretty huge after a while and starts 
> wasting CPU and another large chunk of memory is also missing (not in 
> processes or buffers, but missing from real/swap) which is something 
> I've never seen with Linux before.
> sdw
> Justin Mason wrote:
>> "Stephen D. Williams" writes:
>>> I've been using it for a week or so.  Besides the memory leak, it's 
>>> pretty cool.  Now if VMWare hardware 3D support would mature out of 
>>> experimental...
>>> http://youtube.com/watch?v=lawkc3jH3ws
>> Desktop or laptop hardware?  I'm tempted to try it on my Thinkpad
>> T40 (Radeon R250), but I'll only swim through the third-party-repository
>> hoops if it'll do it.
>> --j.

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