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Stephen D. Williams < sdw at > on > Sat Sep 23 15:05:46 PDT 2006

Well that explains a lot. ;-)

Why the ultra-conservatives think they would be happy and better off if 
this were the case in the US, I really don't understand. The end result 
of their push for prayer and other religious expression (especially by 
teachers after they establish it by students) in school would seem to be 
majority-rule theocratic education. They would freak as soon as a 
particular neighborhood started teaching Islam because that was the 
majority in that area, not to mentioned the endless differences just 
within the Protestant branches. We'd have Mormons, Apostolics, Jehovah 
Witnesses, and Catholics all trying to out breed each other to take the 
majority. (Well, I suppose we already have that, old bits I think: 20 
years ago or so, I had a raised-Catholic girlfriend from a family of 9 
from Ohio who told me the two main tenants that parents were taught: 
outbreed other races and religions (hence no birth control) and if their 
children didn't become confirmed Catholics they themselves would go to 

Having moved away from my rural Ohio roots long ago, much of what I 
experience of religious intolerance and competition is more national or 
theoretical, by choice mind you. (Notwithstanding the periodic visits by 
teenage boy "missionaries" (is that right?) from the Mormon church two 
blocks away here in Virginia who, while trying to convert me, I pump 
full of religious counter-memes. I will note that the designated "church 
plots" in my planned neighborhood sold for $1 million at least, so they 
are all at various times quite aggressive in adding members. One 
aggressive church has taken an entire warehouse (100K^2ft at least) and 
another meets at the public high school.)

I did however work for a few days just North of Salt Lake City in the 
last year. As I drove my rental car out of Salt Lake, listening to a 
local DJ, he recounted a local story about how in a local public (!) 
elementary school that the two remaining female non-LDS teachers were 
fired. There had been a rumor at the school that they were witches and 
shortly thereafter, they were fired and replaced by LDS teachers, 
resulting in an all-male, all LDS staff. It took me a bit to realize 
that LDS was Latter Day Saints, i.e. Mormon. Yikes. It is somewhat of a 
joke that nearly every sex act in most circumstances is technically 
illegal in Utah (probably invalidated by a Supreme Court "blue law" 
ruling a couple years ago, but I wouldn't test it if I were you).


Andy Armstrong wrote:
> On 23 Sep 2006, at 17:43, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>> Quick, show you're wrong before you infect the minds around you! And 
>> at "school" no less. Yikes, I would have been a terror at a religious 
>> school, especially after 13.
> It wasn't even a particularly religious school - religious education 
> tends to be taught in all British schools.
> --Andy Armstrong,

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