Is Truth an Accident? Re: [FoRK] Is God an Accident?

Andy Armstrong < andy at > on > Sun Sep 24 10:09:25 PDT 2006

On 23 Sep 2006, at 23:05, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> Well that explains a lot.  ;-)

Er, good :)

> Why the ultra-conservatives think they would be happy and better  
> off if this were the case in the US, I really don't understand.

Historically churches in this country have tended to keep the whole  
religion business low key. The Church of England famously has vicars  
who aren't sure they believe in god - which is fun. So in the past  
the apparent intrusion of religion into schools hasn't been  
particularly objectionable.

In the last few years though the government has encouraged private  
partners to part-fund the building of new schools. In return for a  
10% stake in the costs you can build yourself a brand new faith  
school and fill it with textbooks that cast doubt on such  
inconveniences as the theory (hey, it's just a theory!) of evolution.

Kids tend to achieve good grades in these schools and then go on to  
fuck up their university career because they have zero learning  

> I did however work for a few days just North of Salt Lake City in  
> the last year.  As I drove my rental car out of Salt Lake,  
> listening to a local DJ, he recounted a local story about how in a  
> local public (!) elementary school that the two remaining female  
> non-LDS teachers were fired.  There had been a rumor at the school  
> that they were witches and shortly thereafter, they were fired and  
> replaced by LDS teachers, resulting in an all-male, all LDS staff.   
> It took me a bit to realize that LDS was Latter Day Saints, i.e.  
> Mormon.  Yikes.  It is somewhat of a joke that nearly every sex act  
> in most circumstances is technically illegal in Utah (probably  
> invalidated by a Supreme Court "blue law" ruling a couple years  
> ago, but I wouldn't test it if I were you).

I generally feel a bit uneasy whenever I'm anywhere that overtly  
religious. I find myself imagining scenarios in which I make some  
innocent seeming quip and end up being burnt at the stake. There's a  
real concern that if I had to connect with these people and convince  
them of some proposition I should wouldn't be able to find enough  
common ground to make my case persuasively.

Andy Armstrong,

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