[FoRK] Liberals Dream of Electric Sheep

Adam L Beberg < beberg at mithral.com > on > Mon Oct 2 15:43:37 PDT 2006

Malcolm Greenshields wrote on 9/29/2006 1:29 PM:
> Jeffrey Winter wrote:
>> Or try: http://tinyurl.com/my8e2

I can't wait till they find the mutant gene that leads to denial of 
reality, blind faith, and the need to kill anyone unlike yourself.

It will be found in monkeys and suicide bombers and republicans, but not 
in much else. And then we can laugh and say they are monkeys after all, 
but they will say it's because a higher being made them that way so god 
must be a monkey too.

Fundamentalists are funny, too bad they run the country.

Adam L. Beberg

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